This and that

I meant to post this the other day, but I completely forgot. I’m still not used to having this blog set up. Anyway, I wanted to post this cute pic of my sweet kitty who was such a HUGE help with folding laundry and making the bed the other day. Despite her best efforts, I did finally manage to finish both chores. LOL

JellyBean on bed

Have a great day!! =)


Welcome to my blog that’s not really a blog. I mean, it is a blog in the literal sense of the word, but it’s more of an announcement page than anything else and if I’m totally honest, my posts are likely to be sporadic at best. I just wanted a way to let you, my lovely readers, know the latest info about me, my books and the things that affect my world, or ‘Verse as the term is used in Firefly.

Thus the title of this blog—AnaraVerse, which,  if you’re a HUGE Firefly fan like me (it really is my favorite TV show ever!), will immediately put you to mind of the oft quoted and well-known line uttered by River Tam in the episode War Stories, “No power in the ‘verse can stop me.”

Anyway, I’ve always loved the quirky dialogue that’s an intrinsic part of all of Joss Whedon’s writing, so it tends to stick with me. And, as the nerd I freely admit I am, I’ve been known to quote it in my everyday life with fair regularity. It somehow seemed apropos to have some kind of reference to it somewhere on my website.

Anyway, if any of this is of interst to you, stay tuned. The first place I’ll be posting about things that affect my ‘verse, is right here. =)